Uncontested Florida Probate – Your best bet!

In Florida Probate Process by Long

The majority of the probates we handle are uncontested. I, personally spend an inordinate amount of time explaining to my clients that the more they fight over an estate, the more I make or the more some other attorney makes.

Interestingly enough, I’m not interested in taking on more work than I need to, just so that my client can fight and posture, while standing meekly behind me. We are all about efficiency and I don’t doddle around with clients who want me to drag out a matter just to prove a point.

I was talking to fellow probate attorney down in Miami who said that a $50k estate he was handling, was whittled down to $10k after attorneys fees in costs, simply because of a few feuding siblings. He, the attorney, said he was sick to his stomach when he went to cash the final checks from his client, because he was sure that his client was going to kick up some more dust and quarrel about the fees.

Uncontested probate, much like uncontested divorce in Florida is more affordable and considerably less time consuming than duking it out.

Let’s all make nice people. The money is not worth the headache, not for the clients OR the attorneys. (just my 2 cents)