PRESS RELEASE: “Quick” Q&A Feature added to Florida Probate Blog,

In Common Florida Probate Questions by Long


Attorney Long H. Duong, principal contributor to the blog – a blog about Florida probate and estate administration, will begin a new feature addressing a series of classic questions he fields about probate in Florida.

The category title “Quick” Q&A is a bit of a mock on the common client or prospective client question: “Can I ask you a ‘quick’ question (about Florida probate)?”

“There is no such thing as a quick question if it’s coming from a prospective client. That’s why I don’t charge for initial consultations on Florida probate cases. I typically tell them I need the entire picture to understand the issues.”

Mr. Duong was not mocking his past clients, rather, helping them to understand that they weren’t “on the clock” and that they should present the issue in a clear (and concise) manner so he could answer properly.

“As you might imagine, I get the same questions over and over, and I’m happy to answer them, but now we publishing this Q&A on our website, where many of the current and future questions, can be addressed.”

The “Quick” Q&A will feature old questions and new ones that are emailed to Mr. Duong or the blog administrator and should prove to be a popular resource for prospective clients who need Florida probate assistance.