Florida Probate Forms

Florida Probate Forms – Where can I find them?

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Florida Probate Forms

You probably can’t find them.

They are for attorney-use only because most probate cases in Florida require representation by an attorney (yep, even for the “simple” cases)

Even if you can, you are taking a huge risk.

Why? In all but very small situations, a personal representative (executor) must be represented by an ATTORNEY. (Not a Paralegal)

I haven’t researched it recently, but the probable reason is that the probate system is vulnerable to fraud by claimants, heirs, personal representatives and petitioners. I suppose the legislature decided the potential fraud outweighs the inconvenience of requiring attorney representation.

Found them? All of them?? You Sure?

Even if you do find forms, it isn’t simply a matter of filling them out, checking boxes and signing paperwork. They have to be prepared in a certain manner, with proper clause inclusions and omissions contingent upon supporting documentation.

For example:

Is the Will self-proved? Was a domiciliary proceeding filed in any other state? What about Creditors?? A host of other questions can change the way those “forms” should be prepared and the kind of supporting documentation that must be submitted.

Yes, the clerk may accept the forms you submit, but in 100% of the cases I’ve taken where the client tried to do it themselves, something went wrong.

Even worse, you may make it even harder for the attorney to fix your mess.

Should You Even File Yet? Could You Be Exposing the Estate??

Mistakes can be expensive: once you submit a Petition, it becomes a part of the record and having an attorney back you out of the mess can cost more than if you had started with representation.

There is one isolated proceeding, “Disposition of Personal Property without Administration” that doesn’t require an attorney, but because the asset thresholds are so strict, most clients will require Summary or Formal Probate Administration.

You certainly don’t have to retain us, but you should retain someone!

Forget the search for forms.

If you want to talk about the ins and outs of your probate case, call me.