why you need probate to sell real estate in florida

Why You Need Probate to Sell Real Estate

Long Florida Probate Questions

Here’s a frequently asked question that deserves a slightly more intricate answer: “I’m clearly a child of (the decedent). Why can’t I just sign a quit claim deed over to myself so I can sell this property?” Short answer: You do not (yet) have the legal authority to sign or otherwise transfer property on the decedent’s behalf. Additionally, you can’t …

Letters of Administration Revisited

Long Florida Probate Questions

MUST READ: Letters of Administration (LOA’s) are court orders. They are issued as PART of a FORMAL ADMINISTRATION of the estate (Probate) The court clerk will not simply give you an LOA. The only way to receive LOA’s is to start formal administration. The court will issue the LOA’s after a completely probate pleadings/petitions package is submitted by your attorney. …