Florida Probate – General Information

What is Florida Probate?

Probate administration is a court process.
• Assets are collected, creditors are paid and beneficiaries receive whatever remains.
• Assets = Real Estate or Personal Property
• Two kinds of “Probate”: Summary & Formal Administration
• The existence of a Will does not eliminate the need for probate
• In Florida, “Personal Representatives” are in charge of “probating” the estate
• Personal Representatives must have attorney representation (attorneys do most of the work)
• Most probate cases are filed by mail with telephone hearings (so your attorney does not have to be in the county where probate is required)

Is Probate Necessary?

“Do I really have to go through probate?”
The answer is always a big fat “maybe”.
Let us figure it out for you. Absolutely free.
We know we can explain it a bit faster by phone. You ask all the questions you need and we’ll explain your options!
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How We Work

• Probate is “our thing” – Our practice is almost 100% focused on probate matters!
• We file probate cases STATEWIDE. Our clients are NATIONWIDE.
• We handle almost every aspect. 99.99% of time, our clients are never required to come to Florida.
• In our office, all probate petitions are personally prepared by a qualified attorney (not a paralegal)
• We LOVE technology and embrace the use of phones, fax, email and the internet to streamline our probate cases. (which means open communication and efficient service)
• Your “no strings, no pressure” and absolutely free consultation is with a Florida Probate attorney, not a paralegal.

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  • We can answer your question: Is probate absolutely necessary?
  • We have helped over 600 clients effectively and efficiently handle their cases.

Did you know? “Letters of Administration” aren’t always required!

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