Letters of Administration – Do you really need them?!

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I can’t say this enough: There are many situations where you do not need letters of administration. Many. Yes, the bank or customer service agent you are talking to says you do…but they are just reading from a policy manual or a list of predefined answers. They are not probate lawyers. They aren’t always right. That’s what the legal department … Read More

Cost (expenses) associated with Florida probate administration

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There seems to be more confusion these days regarding the costs (expenses) associated with a probate administration in Florida. Let me try to clear things up: Attorneys fees are determined by whatever agreement you have made with your attorney. These fees are compensation for the attorneys and law firm staff who are working on your case. Costs (expenses) on the … Read More

Why Summary Administration is NOT always the best choice

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In a nutshell, Summary Administration in Florida is a type of probate proceeding for small estates. To be eligible: The estate must contain less than $75,000 in non-exempt assets (typically, assets other than the decedent’s home) OR At least 2 years have passed since the date of death No brainer right? Not exactly. Lately, I’ve had to remind clients and … Read More

Do I have to probate the dog?

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[podcast]http://weprobateflorida.com/podcasts/do-i-have-to-probate-the-dog.mp3[/podcast] I don’t get a whole lot of questions about probating Sparky or Mr. Wigglesworth but make no mistake, pets are considered personal property and theoretically could be subject to probate. Certainly Florida probate courts have encountered animals in probate, but domestic house pets are often overlooked. The thing about pets, particularly dogs or cats, is that while animal registration … Read More