Letters of Administration – Do you really need them?!

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I can’t say this enough: There are many situations where you do not need letters of administration. Many. Yes, the bank or customer service agent you are talking to says you do…but they are just reading from a policy manual or a list of predefined answers. They are not probate lawyers. They aren’t always right. That’s what the legal department … Read More

Why You Need Probate to Sell Real Estate

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why you need probate to sell real estate in florida

Here’s a frequently asked question that deserves a slightly more intricate answer: “I’m clearly a child of (the decedent). Why can’t I just sign a quit claim deed over to myself so I can sell this property?” Short answer: You do not (yet) have the legal authority to sign or otherwise transfer property on the decedent’s behalf. Additionally, you can’t … Read More

Caution: “Probate Paralegals” on Craigslist

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probate paralegal

Yesterday, I received what was otherwise a routine call about a potential probate case: The caller told me she had hired a “probate paralegal” to prepare the paperwork that she, the caller, would then file the case herself. She thought she had found some magical loophole to avoid hiring an attorney, until the clerk noticed some errors in the filing … Read More

Got Letters of Administration! What now?

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Got Letters of Administration - What Do I Do Now

This is a followup to my previous post on starting Probate in Florida, specifically Formal Administration. The initial push in probate is dedicated to convincing the judge to appoint you as the personal representative (PR) and then issuing Letters of Administration. Now that you’ve got your credentials, it’s time to get to work. Here are your initial responsibilities once you’ve … Read More

How to Start Probate in Florida

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How to start probate in Florida

Florida Probate administration can be relatively hassle-free with the right guidance and representation. It’s easy enough to say “hire an attorney” and frankly, it’s almost always your only choice. But, there’s no reason you should be in the dark about the process. During consultations, about the process, time frames, costs and pitfalls to watch out for once a probate administration … Read More